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Inspirational Poems

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The Page of Life

Isn't life strange
A turn of a page,
A love that you want
Is just a play on a stage

To be all alone
To have and to hold
To find and to lose

to live life on the fold

The one who has left
The one who has stayed,
The one who is lost
The one who has prayed

For all of our lives
Have been paid through a wage,
And all of our names
Are on that turn of a Page

                                                                                  By Kenny Lancisi

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Isn't It Grand

Isn't it grand!
Radiant colors that embrace the sight of man,
Expressions of joy seen by eyes that can,
Acts of love viewed throughout the land.
Isn't it grand!

Isn't it grand!
Ocean waves break; a beautiful sound to hear,
Hidden birds that sing, so soothing to the ear
The shot heard round the world,
An event for all to cheer.
Isn't it grand!

Isn't it grand!
Spoken words that make us smile,
Croaking frogs communicate in their own style
Voicing ones own opinion whether adult or child,

Isn't it grand!

Isn't it grand!
For sight and sound and speech
To have not any, can still experience each,
For this was proven, Miss Keller to us did teach.
Isn't it grand!

                                                                                  By Kenny Lancisi

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It's Rare

A Grand slam,
A triple play,
An exciting Hail Mary pass.
A winning number,
An unexpected bonus,
A piece of gold among the brass.

An eclipse,
A shooting star
A falling rain in the bright sunshine.
A color filled rainbow,
A miraculous healing,
A century old bottle of wine.

Rare are these,
Very rare indeed,
In all their splendor and radiance.
But none so rare
Than the sacrificial lamb,
That saved us all from pestilence.

                                                                                  By Kenny L. Lancisi

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Slices of Beauty

A covered bridge

A rainbow’s reflection

A baby’s infectious laugh

A warm embrace

A golden chalice

The miracles from Moses’ staff


A red flamed sunset

A white-capped ocean

The beauty of new birth.

A night time cricket

A firefly’s light

The spinning of the earth.


A sound of silence

A droplet of rain

Life abounds in secret sewn

A colorful landscape

A moonlit lake

Seaweed, pebbles, and stone.


A living life

A worthy friend

The beauty of skies above

A light filled spirit

A shared smile

All from God with Love.


By Kenny L. Lancisi 2020

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Moisture runs amuck

Leaves in silent ambush wait

Each droplet absorbed

Leaves, they run amuck

Rushing floods wash them away

Each leaflet absorbed

Water runs amuck

A scorching sun dries the land

Each puddle absorbed

Words, they run amuck

Creating man’s destruction

Each human absorbed

Time, it runs amuck

Creating evolution

Each mountain absorbed

Worlds, they run amuck

Gravity destroyed by space

Each planet absorbed

Gold and Platinum

New Earth and all its splendor

Words of God come true

                                                                        Kenny Lancisi

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