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Moore's Peak

From the captivating prologue, which tells how Moore’s Peak got its name to the excitement and drama of the adventures that Ben, Nikki, and Mac encounter. Adding a riveting and tense filled...

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A Taste of Bitter Justice

The year is 1988. A small squadron of Afghani soldiers are ready to defend their country from a possible Soviet attack when they are cut down mercilessly from the air by a rogue military pilot. The son of the squad leader, Bashar Alin Farouk, spends the next 30 years....

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Chook Island

Chook Island is a fantasy adventure short story of small intelligent creatures called Namuhs. They live on an uncharted Island...

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The GCS truck turned right onto Lofton Street and began heading northwest toward Route 202. The 4-wheel-drive Ford armored truck, owned by the GCS (Gold Carrier Service) Company, was transporting five-hundred pounds of gold bars to NHNSC (New Hampshire National Security Corporation) in Concord, NH, from the Northwood Financial Exchange Company located in the center of Northwood, NH. Lofton street cut through a small forested area for about five-and-a-half-miles. It connected the outskirts of the town of Northwood to the major east-west Route 202, twenty-five miles east of Concord. Security guard Jack Forrester and GCS driver Bill Parenti were given the transportation job on this Friday afternoon.

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